Volume 58, Number 1, February 2017
Glass wool layer formation in the collecting chamber
pp. 1-7(7)
Authors: Kraševec, Boris; Bizjan, Benjamin; Širok, Branko
Experimental mixing of natron and plant ash style glass: implications for ancient glass recycling
pp. 8-16(9)
Authors: Scott, R. B.; Neyt, B.; Brems, D.; Eekelers, K.; Shortland, A. J.; Degryse, P.
Preparation of glass-ceramic materials from basaltic rocks and by-pass cement dust
pp. 17-25(9)
Authors: Khater, G. A.; Shehata, M. R.; Hamzawy, E. M. A.; Mahmoud, M. A.
Conferences and events
pp. 26-26(1)
The importance of achieving temperature accuracy in low emissivity environments
pp. 28-31(4)
pp. 32-40(9)

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