Society of Glass Technology Competition Law Statement.

The Society of Glass Technology exists to serve people who are interested in the production,
properties or uses of glasses, whether from a commercial, aesthetic, academic or technical
viewpoint. It is a non-profit making organisation serving a worldwide membership publishing
ournals and text books, organising meetings, symposia and conferences on glass related topics,
coordinating the activities of special interest groups and technical committees, and providing a
communication framework geared to the needs of the glass community.
The Society acknowledges that the pursuance of these aims will result in members of the glass
community from organisations who may be considered as commercial competitors joining together
in discussion and information exchange. Such activities may continue to serve the interests of the
glass community without any conflict with the principles or articles of Competition Law. In fact
such interactions take place in the interest of the general public, such as by deriving and defining
technical and quality standards and raising safety or environmental thresholds.
To ensure the beneficial operation of the Society it is important that commercial organisations have
confidence that at no time will any of their employees be placed in a position which has the
potential to infringe Competition Law. For this reason Society members, staff and guests must be
made aware of their individual responsibilities under Competition Law as it may apply to Society
activity or to that of their respective employer.
The Society will only engage in activities which support the aims laid out in the Constitution of the
Society and will only include discussion of topics which have been notified to attendees in advance
and minutes or reports of meeting will be circulated shortly after the meeting has taken place. The
aims of the Society do not include matters relating to pricing, sales, market shares, tendering,
production capacity, production costs, business plans, or marketing and these topics shall not be
discussed in meetings or 'in the wings' of a meeting. This list is not exclusive and members and
guests are advised of their responsibility to comply with all aspects of Competition Law, including
but not limited to the Competition Act 1998 and Articles 101 to 106 of the Treaty on the
Functioning of the European Union (the ‘EU Treaty’).
The Society, its Officers, members and staff must act with responsibility and integrity at all times
and comply with competition law in all activities without exception.
This statement does not purport to provide definitive answers to all competition law questions, in
any situation of doubt independent legal advice must be sought.

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