SGT Meetings

The Society of Glass Technology holds a variety of meetings aimed at all areas of glass, glass science and glass making from the major international conferences to one day clinic discussions, the annual Glass Opportunities meeting and the Local Section event.

The Annual Meeting complements formal sessions of scientific and technological presentations with the invaluable opportunity for members to establish and renew personal contacts. It is also the focus for post-graduate students with the New Researchers' Forum on Glass. Senior and retired SGTĀ members are invited to be mentors for the new researchers as well as renew ties with former colleagues with their own social events and factory visits. The widening interest in art and history of glass is served by the Heritage and History Special Interest Group one day meetings held in association with conservators, historians and collectors.

Meetings, specialist workshops and clinics are also organised on a regular worldwide basis by the Local Sections of the SGT, the Technical Committees and the various Special Interest Groups.

The technical content of a selected number of Local Section meetings is available to view from the SGT web site: the lecture is available to view freely for two weeks following the presentation before it is made available solely for members. This allows the presentation to reach the whole of the membership with access to the web site.

The Society has established a reputation for holding successful high profile international conferences on glass topics in the UK, providing an added focus for Members.

SGT membership also provides access to meetings organised by both the European Society of Glass Science and Technology and the International Commission on Glass.

The North American and Indian Sections hold their own one day meetings.

Clinics held by Technical Committees
Cost effective, round table discussion/workshop meetings for industry a rapid reaction to changes in the industry.

New researchers forum
Cost effective first run of the latest research efforts in glass organised by the Basic Science and Technology Committee.

Heritage and History
The Special Interest Group's one day joint events with a historical, conservation or artistic theme.

Topical Issues in Glass
Publication for the Society's one day meetings and Web conferences: Volumes 1 to 3 are free to view by members of the Society of Glass Technology.

UK-Ireland Sol-Gel Group
The Society assists this independent special interest group with their meetings. The previous meetings have been in Cranfield (2003) Nottingham (2000) Loughborough (1999), Imperial College, London (1998), Sheffield (1996), London (2004) and Sunderland (2006).

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