Other Batch Materials

The SGT is proud to offer the following CRMs prepared in collaboration with the Bureau of Analysed Samples Ltd

SGT Dolomite 1 SGT Limestone 1 SGT Feldspar 1

Please note that this Potash Feldspar has been produced under ISO Guide 34 accreditation.

These materials are available in bottles of 100g of finely divided material for chemical analysis passing a nominal 250 micron aperture. The cost is £70.00 plus postage to non members and at the discounted rate of £50.00 plus postage for SGT members.

The CRMs will remain stable provided that the bottle remains sealed and is stored in a dry atmosphere. When the bottle has been opened the lid should be secured immediately after use. In order to ensure that a fully representative sample is taken, users should take a minimum sub-sample size of 1.0 g. Users of this material should be aware that the use of a smaller sub-sample size will invalidate the certified values and the associated 95% confidence limits. Provided that the material is stored in a suitable environment there will be no contribution to the uncertainty from the long term stability of this CRM.

Now available from Bureau of Analysed Samples Ltd

www.basrid.co.uk or

email enquiries@basrid.co.uk

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