Volume 57, Number 6, December 2016

Mechanical and tribological properties of boron oxide and zinc borate glasses
pp. 233-244(12)
Authors: Spadaro, Fabiana; Rossi, Antonella; Lainé, Emmanuel; Hartley, Joe; Spencer, Nicholas D.
Molecular dynamics modelling of sodium and calcium metaphosphate glasses for biomaterial applications
pp. 245-253(9)
Authors: Al Hasni, B.; Martin, R. A.; Storey, C.; Mountjoy, G.; Pickup, D. M.; Newport, R. J.
Model considerations of changes in the average M–O coordination numbers of ternary alkali mixed glass former phosphate glasses, A2O–MyOz–P2O5
pp. 254-266(13)
Author: Hoppe, U.
Simple route for the recovery of silver in silver phosphate based glasses
pp. 267-271(5)
Authors: Rioux, Maxime; Ledemi, Yannick; Messaddeq, Younès
The position of silica glass in a series of compressibilities of silicate glasses in the pressure range up to 5·0 GPa
pp. 274-280(7)
Authors: Kuryaeva, R. G.; Dmitrieva, N. V.
ESR and dc electrical properties of Bi2O3–PbO–V2O5 glass system
pp. 279-284(6)
Authors: Rao, P. Tejeswara; Sastry, D. L.; Ramesh, K. V.
Communication – Group optical basicity of sodium borate and sodium silicate glasses
pp. 285-290(6)
Authors: Dimitrov, Vesselin; Tasheva, Tina; Komatsu, Takayuki


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