Volume 57, Number 1, February 2016

Borate Networks: Rigidity versus Dimensionality
pp. 1-14(14)
Authors: Wright, Adrian C.; Vedishcheva, Natalia M.
Chemical reaction of hydrogen with synthetic silica glass between 500 and 900°C
pp. 15-20(6)
Author: Stamminger, M.
Simulation procedures for glass transition temperatures and thermal expansion coefficients of BaO–B2O3 glasses
pp. 21-26(6)
Authors: Peng, Lian; Zhu, Qingshan; Xie, Zhaohui
Structural characterisation of tin fluorophosphate glasses doped with Er2O3
pp. 27-31(5)
Authors: Trimble, J.; Golovchak, R.; Oelgoetz, J.; Brennan, C.; Kovalskiy, A.
The Raman spectra and structure of PbO–WO3–P2O5 glasses
pp. 32-36(5)
Authors: Chromíková, Mária; Hruška, Branislav; Holubová, Jana; Lissová, Magdaléna; Liška, Marek
Structural, electrical and optical properties of spray deposited V2O5 thin films on glass substrates
pp. 37-41(5)
Authors: Vijayakumar, Y.; Jyothi, D. Shanmukhi; Nagaraju, P.; Reddy, M. V. Ramana

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