Volume 57, Number 3, June 2016

Nanocrystallisation in vanadate phosphate and lithium iron vanadate phosphate glasses
pp. 113-124(12)
Authors: Pietrzak, Tomasz K.; Jerzye, E.; Wasiucionek, Marek; Nowiński, Jan L.
Spectroscopic and emission properties of Sm 3+doped lead fluoroborate glasses containing alkaline earth metal oxides for efficient visible lasers
pp. 125-129(5)
Authors: Anjaiah, G.; Kistaiah, P.
Preparation and characterization of Pb2+ and Ce3+ activated strontium aluminate based phosphor
pp. 130-132(3)
Authors: Kale, M .A.; Kale, S. A.; Joshi, C. P.
Synthesis and characterization of lithium niobate ceramics with glass additions
pp. 133-138(6)
Authors: Deshpande, V. K.; Jagdale, M. V.
Optical and IR studies on (MoO3)1–x–(WO3)xmixed oxide thin films
pp. 139-145(7)
Authors: Prameela, C.; Anjaiah, M.; KrishnaMurthy, K.; Srinivasarao, K.
Synthesis, thermal and spectroscopic characterization of lithium bismuth borate glasses containing mixed transition metal ions
pp. 146-152(7)
Authors: Yadav, Arti; Khasa, S.; Dahiya, M. S.; Dalal, Seema; Hooda, Ashima; Agarwal, A.
Thermal expansion and crystallization behaviour of magnesium aluminosilicate glasses doped with neodymium ions
pp. 153-157(5)
Authors: Wang, Jing; Liu, Chao; Zhang, Gaoke; Xie, Jun; Li, Neng; Han, Jianjun; Zhao, Xiujian

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