Volume 58, Number 2, April 2017

A nano-flake model for the medium range structure in vitreous silica
pp. 33-40(8)
Author: Cheng, Shangcong
Role of titanium ions on the optical and thermal properties of zinc borate glass doped with TiO2
pp. 41-48(8)
Author: Colak, S. Cetinkaya
Assessment of the structural state of vanadium ions in calcium bismuth borophosphate glass-ceramics by means of spectroscopic investigations
pp. 49-58(10)
Authors: Suresh, S.; Narendrudu, T.; Kumar, A. Suneel; Rao, M.V. Sambasiva; Tirupataiah, Ch.; Rao, D. Krishna
Synthesis and hydrochloric acid corrosion of spindle-like and flower-like crystals used for preparation of porous materials from recycled glass
pp. 59-62(4)
Authors: Zhang, Yabin; Feng, Haitao; Xu, Jiawei; Huang, Qinglin; Xiao, Changfa
Electron paramagnetic resonance of V4+ ions in the B2O3–(100–x)TeO2 (x=0 to 50 mol%) binary glass system
pp. 63-67(5)
Authors: Rajesh, Siripuram; Gopalrao, P. Satya; Srinivasu, V.; Suresh, Sripada
Electron paramagnetic resonance study of vanadium doped lead haloborate glasses
pp. 68-72(5)
Authors: Sekhar, K. Chandra; Hameed, Abdul; Ashok, B.; Chary, M. Narasimha; Shareefuddin, M.

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